Pistol League (Windows Phone)

Pistol League is an app to track scores in

  • IDPA matches
  • USPSA matches
  • reactive steel pistol league at Shooting Sports Northwest
  • manually, just about any other kind of scored event

IDPA and USPSA are practical shooting competitions, focused on realistic courses of fire that attempt to simulate real-world self defense scenarios.

In the SSNW league, shooters shoot at reactive steel targets in various timed courses of fire. Scores generally depend on the distance to the target, but the rules of each game are different.

This version of Pistol League supports the following stages
* Zombies
* Hostages
* Centipede (both fast and slow rounds)
* Stop and Go
* El Presidente
* USPSA major power factor
* USPSA minor power factor
* Manual (to let you score almost anything)

For more about IDPA, go to http://www.idpa.com/
For more about USPSA, go to http://www.uspsa.org/

For more about the SSNW league, go to http://www.shootingsportsnorthwest.com, or look up Shooting Sports Northwest on Facebook.

Pistol League is available at the windows phone marketplace.

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