Range Trip (Windows Phone)

Range Trip is an app for tracking trips to the shooting range. Add your guns, then start a trip, and start tracking. Its easy to track round counts, scores, and any failures you might encounter. Once you’ve started a trip, the tracking page has giant buttons for the most common functions, with other pages that show more details.

Home page of the app. Start a new trip, open the last trip, or add a new gun from here.

Trips page shows all of your tracked trips. Tap a trip to see its details.

The guns pane shows all of the guns you’ve added in the app, and some stats about them. Tap any gun to get to its details.

Gun details. Here you can add as much, or as little information as you want.

The gun selection page, shown when you start a new trip.

An individual gun page in a trip. Each page gets a pivot item with the same 6 giant, easy to press buttons. Set your phone down at the bench, and it’s easy to tap these buttons as you shoot.

A target score page. After clicking the “score target…” button on any gun page, this page appears. click any of the +/- buttons to add a hit in that location, And the score is calculated in the corner.

Trial version fully functional, but with a limit of 3 guns.

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